The final high exploitation of energy in Etalon is given by the effective transfer of the pedalling power to the chain drive, high efficiency of chain drive itself, possibility of individual gear setting and low weight.
The high pivot concept prevents swing of the bike through the pedalling and causes that all motoring power is immediately transferred to the frame and used for moving to the front.
Short bottom bracket axe, direct massive lower arm of rear fork and constant straight chain line emphasize the immediacy of the bike reaction to the step of the pedal.
High efficiency of transfer is based on exploitation of high diameter chain wheels and chain leading over the only small angle wrapped roller with minimal tension which is thanks to original fork – controlled mechanism (FCM) constant in-process of run . The frame makes it possible to use a broad range of combinations of chain rings and sprockets.
The favourable weight of Etalon is the result of symbiosis of the frame  design with excellent equipments.

ETALON – the first and the only full suspension mountain bike of cross country class in details accommodates to internal gear Rohloff Speedhub 500/14, compatible with  the Magura FIRM-tech brakes, with meaningful design, unusual solidity of frame, high exploitation of energy, unique running characteristics and uncommon working life and reliability.
 Details in parts “REPORT ABOUT ETALON “and “COMPARE your bike WITH ETALON”.