The unique running characteristics of Etalon are evoked above all by the rear fork construction. Its short framework gives to the bike uncommon handiness and the location of pivot guarantees that the position of centre of gravity and wheelbase will be in all sorts of conditions stabilized.
The design of Etalon as well as the choice of equipment reduces unsprung masses of the bike, and shifts its centre of gravity forward. The final characteristics of suspension is thanks to the position of rear shock and hardness of frame given only by the used rear shock.

ETALON – the first and the only full suspension mountain bike of cross country class in details accommodates to internal gear Rohloff Speedhub 500/14, compatible with  the Magura FIRM-tech brakes, with meaningful design, unusual solidity of frame, high exploitation of energy, unique running characteristics and uncommon working life and reliability.
 Details in parts “REPORT ABOUT ETALON “and “COMPARE your bike WITH ETALON”.